The sad divorce news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt appears to have triggered off a series of strange pop analyses by the media and public.

The latest one explains that Brad Pitt had been happier with Jennifer Aniston than with Angelina Jolie. The comment was made by the former bodyguard, Kris Herzog, and has caught the fancy of a number of Pitt fans.

The Brangelina marriage hadn't been as good as everyone had thought, said Herzog. It appeared to him that Brad Pitt had married Aniston for love, while Angelina Jolie only wanted to use their image to be in the centre of the spotlight.

 "With Angelina, it was a different type of relationship. It was 'we are the most powerful celebrity couple in the world' and that was primarily Angelina pushing the public image," Herzog explained.

The 'analysis' is pretty odd, given that Angelina Jolie hasn't spoken much to the media except to make some formal announcements. If she were a publicity monger, would she have filed for divorce from a partner who seemed to be such a promising ally in her publicity quest?

Not likely!

If she really hooked Brad Pitt only to project their partnership as the 'Power Couple,' she needn't have broken it up so abruptly either.

Moreover, how did Pitt know so far ago that Angelina was his best PR marketing guru and would launch his image? 

Secondly, the news of the couple not being as blissful with each other as Brad was with Jennifer Aniston began trending too. Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Herzog said Pitt was "happier with Aniston and should have never left her." Claiming that the World War Z star's marriage had been a "perfect union", Herzog said that they had been "fully committed to the relationship." They had "never fought."

"Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were 100% happy before he met Angelina Jolie," he stated. "I never heard of them fighting, I never heard rumors of cheating. I never heard anything bad between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt before he met Angelina Jolie."

That is the strangest conclusion that anyone can jump into. If Brad Pitt had really been happy with Jennifer, he wouldn't have split with her to hook up with Angelina on the remote possibility of becoming a celebrity star someday, would he? 

Pitt and Jolie had first met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and got into a relationship that led to their marriage. Pitt divorced Aniston in 2005 and began to date Jolie shortly thereafter. This breakup shattered the Friends star, who had been 'happily' married to Pitt - or so she thought - for more than five years.

"She really loved him with all her heart. I don't believe Jennifer even looked at other guys when she was with Brad. She would have dedicated her life to him," Herzog revealed.

How Herzog has come to such quick conclusions about the intentions of others is not too apparent. Probably because he himself had a bigger crush on Jennifer than he's letting on. Having worked closely with the couple he would know, it is assumed. But what his own feelings about the women involved is not obvious either - maybe not even to him.

Finally, Herzog has made Brad Pitt look like the innocent victim of Angelina's murky ambitions, which is ridiculous. If Pitt was really being trawled by Angelina, it would be Pitt's own fault. Surely, he was a middle-aged Hollywood celebrity when he decided to date Angelina, not an immature kid with a crush on a star.