Wiseman explained that interaction between universes are very minute and use a force that interacts between similar particles in the universes thus explaining why we cannot feel them albeit these are enough to give explanation for quantum mechanics. 

Scientists are trying to make time travelling a reality and not a fantasy. Some of them have claimed that travelling in future is possible but a human being cannot go back in the past as it will break some basic laws of physics including the renowned problem of paradox. In a similar attempt, researchers have claimed that traveling in the past by using parallel universes is possible.

They believe without breaking the laws of physics, there are multiple timelines in parallel universes and we can use them to travel. 

Scientists explained that if there are multiple parallel universe interacting with each other then we can jump into different universe on a different timeline. This meant we can go into the parallel Earth in parallel universe on a different timeline or in the past too.

The revolutionary theory has brought a new perspective of universe, space and time correlation. The theory acquires the power of quantum physics. 

Professor Wiseman, from Griffith's University Centre said,"In the well-known 'Many-Worlds Interpretation', each universe branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities are therefore realised.

According to the new theory, the people live in a single gigantic universe and there are many other such worlds which sometimes interact with each other. All these worlds follow the same timeline and interact through a universal force called force of "repulsion" or bumping into each other. 

The new theory might please some people but some researchers are skeptical about it and claim that idea of parallel universes is not possible . If they do exist then why they do not influence our universe at all which suggests that the theory is a fallacy and does not apply on space-time consortium.