GTA 6 has been a highly anticipated game ever since it was proposed by the fans of the GTA franchise. As of now, GTA fans are asking for something freshly new, as the latest GTA V game has been a huge success and is out for quite a while already.

Rumored content might delay GTA 6

Reports say that Rockstar Games has big plans for GTA 6, as a lot are being expected to it, including some new maps, characters, and now, even VR functionality, all of which said to definitely push the release date of the said game even further back.

New locations and characters

According to several reports, London and Japan have been rumored to be one of the settings of the maps for GTA 6. It is also said that Rockstar Games intend GTA 6 to be the start of a new era, with a wider scope of places and some new atmosphere for the game to be explored. As what has been a trend of the past, GTA has not been set out of the US. Additionally, new locations for GTA 6 will also be included, along with several new characters that will be introduced.

Release date would be delayed

According to several other reports, Rockstar Games also intends to ride the hype of Virtual Reality games, in which they are also aiming for GTA 6 to be able to have its very own VR functionality. Though it would certainly be a great concept as it will excite the players, even more, such an upgrade would definitely take long periods of time in order to pull off, which will definitely push GTA 6's official release date even further to 2020.

No confirmations yet

With all things said, Rockstar Games has not yet given any confirmation regarding these updates as the developers are still focused at the ever-popular GTA V.