The love triangle of "Game of Thrones" stars Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie and Emilia Clarke has brought much drama into the viewers' lives since Season 2. Almost always, the trio find themselves in the center of news and rumors.

Talks churned at the rumor mills lately revealed that dream couple Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have gone separate ways because of Emilia Clarke.

This shocked the fans because the couple always looked very close and there were no signs of tension in the relationship, stated GameNGuide.

Reports of Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie planning to get engaged soon were also flying around.

Hollywood Take recently stated that the engagement rumor started when the former co-stars spent the Thanksgiving together.

Even though Thanksgiving is not common among Brits, Kit got a weekend break from filming on Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Leslie, who is currently shooting the Good Wife spinoff, also had some time off.

The couple spent the time together taking a casual strolls along Giant's Causeway in Belfast.

However, according to sources close to Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, not everything was going smoothly as expected. 

For quite a long time, Kit and Rose were having fights and arguments in the relationship. Busy filming schedules and Rose being a nagging woman, as claimed by close friends, were reasons behind the feuds.

But recently, the struggles in the relationship blew out of proportion and they have decided to break up.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke supported Kit a lot during these tiring times, and they have a great chemistry together.

"Game of Thrones" insiders believed that Emilia and Kit gel so good together that speculations of she being the home wrecker of Kit and Rose are rising constantly.

Fans should take every news related to them with a grain of salt as no official statement has been issued by any of the parties involved regarding the matter.