Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have gotten back together after short breakup, rumors suggest. Moreover, speculations are rife that the actress is already pregnant and she shared this news to just her close friends.

A report has been published before that Katie and Jamie have called it quits after years of dating secretly. The reason, as supplemented by the report was that Jamie seemed to be already tired of Katie's demands of making the relationship public. With that, Jamie Foxx left her rumored girlfriend and Katie, as a result, felt so devastated.

And with the latest rumor, it has been said that the rumored couple already tied the knot secretly after their short split. It has been reported too before that the two were already planning for a wedding to be held November after Tom Cruise waived the no-relationship clause.

So, would that mean that the rumor was true after all after rumors of a secret marriage surfaced and swirled online? But this will again remain a rumor unless Jamie or Katie would give their respective comments on the said issue.

Moving from the rumored wedding, Hollywood Life reported that Katie already confirmed that she's pregnant with Jamie's baby. The report adds that Katie Holmes made the announcement when she had dinner soiree in Los Angeles with her close pals. According to her friends, Katie was glowing and she could not anymore keep the excitement of sharing the news.

If Katie Holmes is really pregnant with Jamie Foxx's baby, then it would be more exciting for Suri and Jamie's daughter Annalise since they would become big sisters in case.

Speculation has it that Katie is indeed happy and contented with dating Jamie. The actor lets her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the world she simply love that feeling. So she could consider her relationship with Jamie as the best and most romantic relationship she ever had.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes just celebrated the Thanksgiving Day with her daughter, Suri Cruise.

If a secret wedding really took place between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx and that she is indeed pregnant, how come they don't still appear in public together?