Last week, news says that the iPhone SE 2 was being scrapped to preserve the market for the flagship iPhone in 2017. These details have emerged of three presumptively titled iPhone 8 handsets. As well as updates to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, the idea of a third 'premium' device has returned.

Some details revealed by renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says, "We look for new 2017 iPhones to come in three models, first with  OLED model, then with TFT-LCD models with 4.7-inch and third is 5.5-inch display.

Kuo believes that the OLED and 5.5-inch TFT-LCD iPhones will feature dual-camera. The Barclays analysts said this OLED model will be massive 5.8-inches and, if correct, Kuo's revelation of three distinct models brings both good and bad news to the tech world.

Apple has now released the Touch Bar enabled MacBook Pro into stores. This is at the same time as the embargo lifted on those reviewers who had early access to the hardware.

For the newly launched, as expected the similar design to the cheaper thirteen-inch model was welcomed, as were the additional USB-C ports, but in terms of the Touch Bar the jury is still out.

Although the MacBook has been welcomed by many users, it sitll feels like Apple's focus is in a different area, while the laptop is a comfortable piece of tech.

According to Forbes, Last year at the launch of the iPad Pro, Tim Cook asked "Why would you buy a PC any more?" Why indeed? It's possible to carry out many of the day-to-day task that would normally be done on a laptop on a tablet

The challenge in the part is to convince consumers that think 'laptop first' to think 'tablet first'. This continues to be the role of the iPad Pro in Apple's portfolio. With the smart keyboard covers, long battery life, and Cupertino's focused marketing the iOS tablets continue to perform strongly.