The 511th Chapter of Fairy Tail was released just recently, revealing the fight between Zeref's son Larcade and Sting. However, the said action will have a continuation and is expected to get even more intense in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 512, as both fighters will be expected to introduce and show some more powerful techniques to get the advantage.

Larcade's three Techniques

According to reports, the recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 511 revealed Larcade's techniques, which can be classified into three types. The first type was already revealed in previous chapters, which was sexual pleasure-based attacks. Unfortunately, Sting has proven to be resistant to it, forcing Larcade to introduce yet another new technique. Given that using pleasure-based attacks on Sting proved useless, Larcade will not likely use the technique again in the up and coming Chapter 512.

The Hunger games

Larcade's secondary type of attack was recently revealed in Chapter 511 and is focused at another human want and desire: Hunger. The effect was quick, resulting in everyone getting so hungry that they started chewing on each other. However, Sting's quick thinking ultimately saved everyone from devouring each other. By knocking everyone unconscious, Sting was able to prevent the devouring. When Fairy Tail Chapter 512 releases, they will most likely remain unconscious, unknowing to what could be the continuation of an epic fight between Sting and Larcade.

Rogue saves Sting

Sting was considerably weakened due to his hungry state. His attacks were ineffective against Larcade until Rogue arrived. Rogue urged Sting to eat his remaining magic power to satisfy his hunger and give him strength yet again.

Larcade will use R.I.P.

Unfortunately for Sting, Larcade will reveal yet a 3rd technique which he will be using in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 512. It will also be a technique that exploits another human desire, the desire to REST. This technique will render its target an eternal kind of rest where they will not wake up again. Will Sting be able to endure the temptation of sleep in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter?