There is one intriguing item with Katy Perry. A huge ring on her engagement finger. Who is behind the ring that she is wearing so conspicously, wonders everyone.

Is it Orlando Bloom, her yo-yo boyfriend?

How is the massive ring on her left hand just some days after Orlando decided to stop their relationship?

"She walked with her left hand leading her, and bent her hand to show off the large sparkler to the cameras," an eyewitness told ET. 

Katy was wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger when she shared a subdued date night at The Polo Bar in New York City. Sources are convinced that she was flaunting her jewellery to the media members in the bar, even as her face sparkled with a huge smile. 

So how did the ring land on her finger after they had reportedly stopped their relationship after 10 months of a close relationship?

There had been rumors that the break was brought about by Orlando, who had wanted to abort their relationship. He had felt that she had pushed him to get married and start a family. Orlando already has a son, five-year-old Flynn, from his previous girlfriend, the model Miranda Kerr.

Katy had been married to actor Russel Brand from 2010-2012, dating John Mayer from time to time till last year.

But now, there are whispers that it was Katy Perry who had tried to split with Orlando once she felt that they were both on divergent paths.

However, their separation did not last for too long, say sources. Orlando suddenly just agreed to make up and proposed to her just after a Thanksgiving weekend.

There haven't been any news tidbits or confirmation news from any of the couple. Katy hopes to settle down, so she wants to marry just after New Year. Apparently, Orlando Bloom has agreed.