Jennifer Aniston was surprised by husband Justin Theroux as he came home on Thanksgiving Day. Rumors are rife that Justin decided to do this despite his busy schedule because he fears Brad Pitt would come over to celebrate with Jen.

Jen shared on Ellen Degeneres that her husband surprised her on that said day all the way from Germany. Jen was longing for Justin since she felt like her husband has been away for a year. With this, Jen shared how Justin has been so sweet at her amidst the divorce rumors.

The actress had been in London to promote her upcoming movie while Justin flew to Germany for work. Though they have been together the week prior to the celebration, she had no choice but to live with Theroux's busy schedule for that week.

That's why when Thanksgiving Day arrived, she did not expect her husband to come home knowing his full schedule on that week but to her surprise, Justin was able to make it.

The couple has the tradition of hosting dinner for the orphans during Thanksgiving Day but this year is different since Jen decided to host the celebration herself, without Justin. Visitors and everybody else in the room got so depressed upon learning that Justin was not there. But when the turkey was served, Jen recalled how she was surprised that the man who was holding the turkey was actually her husband as reported by E Online.

However, speculations are escalating that the sudden decision of Justin Theroux to be with Jennifer Aniston on that special day is because of Brad Pitt. It can be recalled that Brad did not celebrate this occasion with his kids so he thought Brad might think of joining Jen for that day. So is Justin still jealous of Brad and Jen's rumored affair? Or is there really an affair?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been chasing by the divorce rumors until now more so that Jen has been linked again to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.