Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth were reportedly shocked upon learning that Meghan Markle was actually flirting with her co-star behind Prince Harry's back.

The Duchess of Cambridge felt disgusted upon learning that Meghan Markle actually openly flirted with her co-star on social media while Prince Harry is on a tour in the Caribbean. Because of this issue, it has been speculated that Queen Elizabeth has also gotten mad and wants Harry to stay away from the actress.

Meghan apparently flirted with her former co-star Max Beesley on the social media, particularly Twitter. Because of this, may people as well as the critics wonder what is really going on between the two. Markle and Beesley exchanged a number of messages which really shows that she is flirting with the actor.

The actor posted a photo of himself in a suit and Markle suddenly left a reply by calling him a "stud." Then when Meghan posted a photo of bouquet of flowers, Beesley here sent a message that read as: "They are my favourite too. Glad you got them. I was worried they would mess the order." These posts and exchanges of messages on Twitter by the two clearly suggest that something is really going on as per Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

It can be recalled that Prince Harry had confirmed his relationship with the "Suits" actress publicly but they haven't seen together yet in public. Max Beesley, on the other hand is already married to dancer Jennifer Beesley and they have a daughter. But like everybody else, no one knows if Meghan and Max are really sharing an intimate relationship or they could just be friendly co-workers.

But because of that, it would no longer be surprising if Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth feel disgusted and worried about Meghan Markle's flirting and cheating behind Prince Harry's back.

Both Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth want to see Prince Harry settle with a woman who truly loves him without conditions and who will not use him for popularity's sake and with the case of Meghan Markle that seems far-fetched.