Bungie might be extending "Destiny", but the developer might just issue an important news as it has recently released several screenshots of "Destiny 2." The game is believed to be released next year.

Will Destiny 2 Be Released Next Year?

In a recent report, the screenshots of "Destiny 2" seems to tease the fans on what will Bungie be announcing, and whether or not it be during the Game Awards or in the PlayStation Experience Event next month.

But players hoped that Bungie will release SRL instead and not Destiny 2. But at the end of the presentation of the former, the latter will definitely be teased. But despite that, players are still believing that there is a possibility of Destiny's sequel for next year, as per reports.

If speculations and rumors are true, Destiny 2 will be released the same time as Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2, which is set to be available for fall of next year. However, some are also saying that if Bungie will release the game at the same time, Destiny 2 cannot beat RDR 2,

Will Destiny have new content?

It has been confirmed that Destiny will be updated next month. It will be including Sparrow Racing League. The game will also be having an expansion called The Winner, but the details are yet to be revealed.

If the rumors for Destiny 2 are true, fans will have to wait until next month for the announcement of its official release. For now, fans are settling with Destiny. But nevertheless, the players are pumped and hyped about what will happen next.