A Maricopa County Superior Court spokesperson told CBS on Monday that jury selection for the second sentencing phase of Jodi Arias' murder case is slated to begin on March 17.

An Arizona judge scheduled the jury selection date on Monday during a hearing for the trial, which found Arias guilty of murdering former boyfriend Travis Alexander in his Phoenix home in 2008.

33-year-old Arias was indicted for first-degree murder for the death of Alexander, CBS reported, but the jury couldn't come to a unanimous decision for her penalty. The prosecution was pushing for the death penalty while Arias' defense team tried for life in prison. Since then, Arias has been behind bars, biding her time.

Alexander's brother Steven wrote a Facebook post on the "Justice for Travis" page in December 2013 that stated the sentencing had been scheduled for mid-February, but now, it seems that date will be pushed back.

The jury will decide if Arias will be put to death, or whether she'll spend the rest of her natural life in prison with no parole option.

CBS reported that the death penalty will automatically be taken off the table if the jurors can't come to a decision. In that instance, Arias would theoretically be sentenced to life in prison, or let her apply to be released in 25 years.

Despite the storm of media attention that surrounded Arias during the initial phases of her trial, the woman found guilty of shooting her ex-boyfriend in the head, slitting his throat and stabbing him multiple times, has largely faded from the public eye - mostly due to the judge's efforts to keep court proceedings under wraps.

Arias will, however, post updates on her Twitter every so often. Most recently, she endorsed what are being called "Jodibands" - white wristbands that are being sold online to help pay for her legal fees.

"The ONLY wristbands that are legit and that I endorse are the WHITE ones being sold at http://jodispage.com/support.html," she wrote.