NASA may not like the new development entering the next Administration but it has been mandated to stay clear of other priorities except what the agency is supposed to do. Incoming US President Donald Trump wants the organization to focus mainly on space-associated goals.

In line with this, the President-elect is bent on limiting the agency's budget which means that a part of NASA's programs will be affected. That aspect will be climate change.

Trump believes that the space administration is better off pursuing the bigger picture beyond earth. Instead of spending money on the planet's weather forecasts, it will be appropriate if financing will be tied up to the deep and unexplored frontier.

Bob Walker, the upcoming President's adviser on space policy, shares that NASA has been merely functioning as a management center for sustaining needed resources in space. In addition, the group has also been dragged into the political approach of environmental programs.

The former congressman who spearheaded the Commission on the Future of the US Aerospace Industry during President W. Bush's presidency further states that the goal is to widen the scope of solar system exploration. Technology should be enhanced in order to attain perceived aspirations.

Prior to the current development, NASA has been on the hot seat due to its overblown funding. This year, it has been granted a 30-percent increase in its budget that amounted to $1.92 billion. Although the current presidency planned to cut the flow of support by $840 million next year, NASA's overall monetary resources have increased by 50 percent under the Obama Administration.

Part of NASA's spending spree has been focused on science projects like the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System which monitors the ocean's surface wind speed through an eight-satellite set-up.

Thomas Zurbuchen, the space agency's Science Administrator, has defended the venture, declaring NASA's earth science function is essential to human life across the globe. However, the Republicans have criticized the organization's expensive approach on weather assessment.

As of late, it is being anticipated that the Trump Administration will pursue a return to the moon which was done last in 1972. President W. Bush has planned to commence the project in the 2020s but President Obama cancelled it.

With space gear resources in place, not only will Trump pursue an upcoming lunar mission. His presidency will also set its sight on Mars.