UFO lovers and believers have found another reason to celebrate. An experienced UFO enthusiast has claimed to have caught a UFO on camera during another significant event- this century's biggest "supermoon."

The UFO enthusiast says that he caught the UFO while he was trying to make a video of the lunar phenomenon, reports Express. The sighting was made in the skies of Arizona, Vietnam. It shows two unusual objects shooting up to the sky and in the process moving across a part of the moon. Though the objects are out of focus, they are noticeable and appear strange.

The clip of the sighting has become popular on the internet and Scott C Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, also linked the video to his popular site and made a deep study of the same. After studying the video, he was sure that aliens really exist and so do their spacecrafts that have been also sighted many a time in the past.

Waring believes that aliens regularly visit the earth and the moon. Some time back, he had also claimed that the extra-terrestrial beings were using the moon as their base and it was their presence that had caused NASA to cancel Apollo mission 18.

In the meantime, another video has made it to YouTube that shows a mysterious object which does not simply pass by the moon but seems to show a strange craft, flying close to the surface of the moon, reports Inquisitr. It has been uploaded by YouTube user Misterio Canal and though both the videos have aroused curiosity there is no dearth of skeptics who feel that they are fake and mistaken analysis.

Some say that the Arizona spotting could be just helium balloons in the sky or leaves flying with the wind. As for the other video that indicates an alien spacecraft, the naysayers believe that it is nothing but a technical fabrication, a wonder of CGI (computer-generated-imagery).

Well, UFO hunters have always believed that aliens inhabit the vast universe of which the earth is a small part. Even scientists and astronomers believe that extra-terrestrial beings are present in the space and visit us from time to time.