Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are likely to divorce despite the rapper's recent breakdown and hospitalization. The reason, according to a report, is that Kim is already tired of his husband's childish ways.

According to, Kanye has been hospitalized due to breakdown. He was seen exhibiting erratic behavior. Right now, he is under observation in a hospital in Los Angeles. This news came after he canceled his remaining Saint Pablo tour dates.

A source close to the rapper said that he is being evaluated for that erratic actions and perhaps sleep deprivation by his doctor. With this, he was admitted for an additional medical treatment.

Kanye was also restrained by handcuffs as he is being brought to the hospital because it is also a standard procedure for emergencies of this kind.

It can be recalled that Kanye keeps on yelling rants on his former friend Jay-Z, and wife Beyonce. According to him, it was Jay-Z who wanted to end their friendship and their professional relationship.

On his hospitalization, Kim Kardashian flew to LA immediately to be with her husband. But rumors are rife that the reality star is already fed-up with her husband's childish behavior.

Moreover, Kim felt disappointed with Kanye West lack of support for her after the Paris robbery incident. She felt that Kanye is prioritizing his concerts and tours more rather than providing her comfort during the most difficult ordeal in her life. With this, it has been rumored that the couple would likely divorce in the future.

Because of this, Kim Kardashian wanted Kanye West to grow up like a man and to stop throwing tantrums and to think that throwing tantrums are even more significant than raising and being with their kids.

Kim's soul and heart simply need to be cherished at this moment and she expected Kanye to do that but he's not even there for her.

People hope that in this latest incident, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marriage will be saved and to stop the chances of divorce.