A new NASA-funded study discovered an enormous ocean in Pluto which is reported to be holding more water than all the seas of Earth.

AS per the NASA study, Pluto is an extremely distant world from our planet, orbiting the sun more than 29 times farther than Earth.

 With the surface temperature estimated to be about 380 degrees (716 F) below zero Fahrenheit (around minus 229-degree celsius), the environment at Pluto is far too cold to allow liquid water on the surface. But recent studies has taken ocean into account on the surface of the planet.

According to the Sun, stunned Professor Richard Binzel says,"Pluto continues to surprise us!"

The ocean icy slush lies just under Pluto's 'heart'- a light-colored area with a dark patch that moves in an almost exact mirror image of its moon Charon around the surface.

Baffled scientists calculated that the chances of the near identical movement occurring randomly are just five percent. 

They previously figured the heart area named Tombaugh Ragio is topped with Frozen Nitrogen ice that made it appear brighter than the rest of the planet in solar system.

The darker patch named Sputnik Planitia is thought to be an area where nitrogen is "stirred" by heat rising from below, but scientists were baffled as to why it moved identically to Charon's orbit.

After these studies, scientists believed that area is warm enough to hold icy water, which would be heavy enough to have a gravitational effect on the moon.

"It's not a liquid, flowing ocean, but maybe slushy", Binzel said of the discovery outlined in the journal Nature.

"We found this explanation was the only way to put the puzzle together that seems to make any sense". 

New Horizons is a spacecraft about the size of a baby grand piano, was launched 10 years ago and travelled for about 9 years before reaching the dwarf planet on the edge of the solar system.

It spent three months observing the surface before drifting itself off to Kuiper belt and beyond.

While the NASA and MIT scientists have not ventured far enough to propose alien existence, it is widely believed that water is an essential ingredient in forming life and Pluto is having it.