The famous couple reportedly made some behind-the-scenes drama during the set of "The Voice," so their engagement could be called off soon. Cyrus is also caught up in a feud with her "The Voice" co-judges.

According to rumors, Liam's older brother, Chris Hemsworth, is one of the reasons of the alleged breakup. Chris does not want to welcome the women like Miley in his family because of her shocking and wild behavior. He just doesn't like Miley Cyrus for his brother.

On the other hand, the famous singer also has certain hesitation towards the marriage stating that she is "not a wife material." It's previously reported previously that the actor-singer couple is having serious arguments about Miley's habit of using marijuana and many personal differences between them.

Just like in her private life, Miley Cyrus is, reportedly, causing lots of drama in "The Voice" Season 11 as well. According to HNGN report earlier, she isn't on the same wavelength with her co-judges, Adam Levine in particular. So, he has threatened to quit the show because of the constant fights.

The Maroon 5 singer, who has been in the NBC's show for a few seasons now, was very excited because his friend and former co-judge Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend Blake Shelton will be coming back for "The Voice" Season 12.

Unfortunately for Adam, his happiness did not last long since it was announced that Miley will be back for "The Voice" Season 13. There are speculations that Adam and Blake will quit the show if Miley returns. In this regard, will the producers of the show let her go instead of losing all three regular coaches at once?

As fans may already know, Liam Hemsworth and the "Wrecking Ball" singer got engaged in 2012 after meeting on the set of a movie "The Last Song" (2009.) The couple broke up in 2013 after Miley's performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

That very sexual performance with Robin Thicke was too much for Liam, so they split. However, earlier this year, they reconciled and continue their relationship.

It remains to be how will the relationship between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth end up with exciting wedding or explosive breakup.