Hillary Clinton had courted the alien disclosure community for the past year, after she and John Podesta was reportedly willing to release all top secret files held by the US government on UFO and aliens.

Express reports that the Paradigm research group, a campaign organisation set up by Steve Bassett, who is the only lobbyist on the UFO issue in the US.

Bassett believes there is a "truth" embargo that was put in place by world governments to hide the fact that aliens visited the earth since 1947 roswell UFO incident in New mexico, reported the express.

The report said that PRG had put out a statement on their website saying there are 70 days left to persuade Clinton, Podesta and President Barack Obama to talk to the media about the extra terrestrial issue.

In January, Clinton had reportedly wanted to open up about the issue and what is happening at the area 51 military base in Nevada, where UFO believers guess that there is alien technology hidden away there.

Nature World News reports that she wants to open the files as much as possible and she wants to know what the information shows. Clinton reportedly said in a radio interview that there are enough stories out there that she does'nt think everybody is just making up in their kitchens.

Hillary Clinton had reportedly said she would get to the bottom of this once she became president, and answer all questions on what the US government knows or doesn't know about this subject. She had even told a reporter during her campaign in New Hampshire that she would get to the bottom of it.

In addition, Bassett had reportedly said that under Donald Trump, the chances of the UFO files getting buried is highly likely and is "bleak."