With the growing friendship between President Elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, there seem to be mixed reactions from experts to the possibility of World War III.

Even as the immediate threat of a nuclear war has come down, the alliance between the Big Two makes the world a scary place, still. With world domination by the hegemonic nations, it could still mean World War III.

Worried about the situation, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and European Council President Donald Tusk express their anxiety.

Kasparov is the author of "Winter is Coming," which has slammed Putin for playing victim to the US. Many Russians are convinced that Washington was trying to "weaken, impoverish and humiliate Russia."

However, Kasparov has challenged Putin's claim. He has even charged the Democratic Party under outgoing President Barack Obama of being "guilty of chronic appeasement and weakness in letting bad guys like Putin stay in power."

Meanwhile, EC President Donald Tusk also points out that Trump as a president is a worrying factor in EC's transatlantic relations with the US. He said: "While respecting the democratic choice of the American people, we are at the same time aware of the new challenges that these results bring. One of them is this moment of uncertainty over the future of our transatlantic relations." 

If the US pulls out of NATO, it would pose a real "nightmare" to the Baltic States, according to Dr Brian Klass of the London School of Economics. "I think we woke up in a much more dangerous world than the one we went to bed in," he said.

Hence, there seems to be a heavy possibility of war, with the future of NATO remaining in doubt and the long-standing western alliances remaining under pressure. It might also damage global trade. The world has become more unstable and volatile than it used to be, fear experts.