SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion on Cape Canaveral Air Force Base launch pad took the world by a storm. Now the company CEO Elon Musk believed that the Falcon 9 launch could be resumed in December 2016.

Thousands of people around the world had their eyes glued to the live launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 on Sept. 1, 2016. However, a terrible explosion took place at the launch pad at the time of take off because of unidentified reasons.

The team at SpaceX have been investigating into the reasons behind Falcon 9 explosion since past two months. Although the reason seemed a bit unclear at first, now Musk claims that the team has finally identified what led to an explosion.

According to Musk, the liquid oxygen used as propellent in Falcon 9 caused the explosion. Falcon 9 was being fueled when the explosion took place, and the investigators believe that the explosion took place when "extra cool" liquid oxygen entered Falcon 9 in a solid state.

This was a new issue altogether for SpaceX to resolve. Even American space agency NASA expressed its concern over the fact that SpaceX uses a strange way of fueling the rocket, just minutes before its actual launch, according to Nature World News.

Musk recently revealed that such a pitfall has never happened in the past. This is the primary reason why the investigation team took so much time to sort out things and figure out the actual reason behind explosion.

The team has now devised a new fueling system that the researchers at SpaceX are now planning to study. Despite all anomalies, SpaceX is confident that they will be able to launch Falcon 9 by the second week of the last month of the year.

After SpaceX explosion, there were rumors that a UFO may have caused an explosion because it did not want Falcon 9 to launch successfully. However, these reports were discarded by people belonging to the scientific community.