"Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson is preparing hard for his role in the upcoming movie in the series. This is apparent from his new looks that he carried recently on the red carpet.

The Hollywood Life reports that Trump was spotted sporting a new look for an upcoming sequel in the famous "Twilight" series. The rumors about the movie being in production spread when co-chairman of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, Patrick Wachsberger, said that he wants to make a film with the hit on-screen couple in the movie, Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

According to the publication, Pattinson showed his "new deep, dark brown hairdo on the rep carpet." The red carpet here refers to the platform provided by GO Campaign Gala in Los Angeles, which took place on Nov. 5, Saturday.

The same publication further reports that Pattinson resembled the looks that he featured as Edward Cullen in the previous "Twilight" movies. However, it is not confirmed whether the actor is actually working on another "Twilight" project or not.

Meanwhile, the Gossip Cop has debunked the theory that Pattinson and Stewart have already been signed for another "Twilight" movie, to play the leading characters - Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

An insider apparently told the publication that rumors about Pattinson showing off his new looks for the next "Twilight" movie are totally "BS" and that the actor is not "channeling" his character at the Gala red carpet.

It all started when Wachsberger said in September that Pattinson and Stewart reuniting on the screen is still a possibility. He further said that it is not certain that they will definitely return, as it all depends on the "Twilight" novelist, Stephenie Meyer, on how she wants to twist the story for thses two characters.

Therefore, it is not yet certain when would Pattinson and Stewart reunite for another movie, or if they will reunite at all in the future.