NBC's occult drama series, Grimm, had been announced that its upcoming season will be the last. Following this, fans were disappointed as they had expected that the series will extend for further seasons, basing on the number of viewers the show has.

But they are once again excited when rumors have started appearing regarding the series' possible spinoff. According to Counsel & Heal, Grimm might have a spinoff after the release of all its episodes in the sixth season, and it will probably focus on Silas Weir Mitchell's character, Monroe, and Bree Turner's character, Rosalee Calvert. 

It can be recalled that an addition to the fans' disappointments, aside from the confirmed cancellation of the seventh season by NBC, is the lesser episodes to be aired for the sixth season, from 22 episodes to only 13 episodes. 

Because of this, fans and viewers of the drama series have started a petition on Change.org, calling out Netflix, to pick up the show after NBC announced that the sixth season will be the last. The petition currently has more than 10,000 supporters and this has also started the rumor that the network might be bidding for the series, to the excitement of the fans.

According to Movie News Guide, it is possible that Netflix might pick up Grimm because of its significant number of supporters and viewers all around the world, and for its unique cultural diversity as well. Since the petition on convincing NBC to extend the series did not work because the network seemed to have its final decision, fans are now hoping that Netflix will be the one to get their hopes up.

However, the speculations are still not confirmed by the network or with any related parties, and fans are just waiting for the official announcement as of this moment.

Meanwhile, in Season 6, fans can expect to find answers from their questions in season 5. It can be remembered that Juliette Silverton, portrayed by Bitsie Tulloch, had been transformed into a Hexenbiest in the final episodes of the previous season, so viewers can expect a transformed Juliette in the upcoming season.

It has also been reported by the source that the child of the Wesen couple, which fans can also expect in Season 6, might be just as powerful as the Adalind's children.

Grimm Season 6 will premiere on January 6, 2017, at 8 PM EDT on NBC.