Just months into selling its VR product, HTC is on the move to enhance the Vive's headset. This is definitely a good sign for a highly-competitive group that is out to make a run at the tech ladder.

The company is looking at methods that will address gaming particulars in Taiwan and China. This new virtual reality accessory will come with form-associated updates.

Rikard Steiber, HTC's SVP of Virtual Reality, reveals that the arcade approach in those locations needs peripherals that will make the set-up truly compatible. He adds that Vive accessories will be improved in terms of design and efficiency to match gaming expectations.

Since its launching last April, the reception about the $799-priced HTC Vive has been generally favorable. Although the organization has been quite about its sales figures, it has been perceived that the marketing campaign exceeded target expectations. According to an executive, more than 140 thousand headsets have already been sold.

Although the scenario is promising to start with, the entries of the PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift have not really created huge ripples that will warrant overwhelming excitement.

According to Steiber, an amount of innovation will still be felt considering that it is still the first year for VR releases.

With the Vive, which has been branded with the Oasis codename based on a leak by @LlabTooFeR, evolution will be a process that the product needs to undergo.

Considering the convenient approach needed by players to move around when engaged in game sessions, the upgrades are ones that practically ditched cable connections. HTC has allowed flexibility through wireless linkage.

In fact, reports are out that both Oculus and Google will be unveiling their respective versions of independent VR set-ups minus all the cables.

The HTC Oasis item has been revealed earlier when information attributed to a Bulgarian group surfaced in September.

A spokesperson for HTC has pointed out that Vive enhancements will promote distinctive or exceptional experiences for arcade systems.