In the past, a lot of reports have surfaced that the Great Barrier Reef is heading down the road to destruction. Recent updates may have confirmed that prognosis.

Researchers are putting emphasis on the unfortunate plight of the sea structure. One scientist points out that the natural barrier is already under life support.

Photos reveal that the impact of climate change on the range is far serious than earlier observed. The 1,400-mile stretch off the Australian coast, which is considered as the globe's largest reef, is being worn down by rising water temperatures.

Mark Eakin, Coral Reef Watch Coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration, quips that climate patterns show the exposure coral reefs to bleaching for years. The degree of damage will depend on the extent of global warming.

In May this year, it has been found that one third of the corals located in the central and northern spheres of the reef are already dead. It is also worrisome to note that about 93 percent of these individual structures are being fried due to a condition identified as coral bleaching.

During the bleaching process, corals are exposed to extremely warm water.

Amanda McKenzie, CEO of the Australian Climate Council, shares that about 60 percent of the barrier reef are already washed out in white.

It has also been observed that 19 to 20 percent of the sea structures have been suffocated by brown algae. A recent reinvestigation has divulged that a large part of the range had died.

McKenzie further adds that a large percentage of bleached corals had been dead. These are the delicate ones, which depict a lower chance of survival compared to the brain corals. In addition, the number of fishers found thriving within the area is few.

Professor Tim Flannery, who visited the barrier location in September, has been astonished at what he saw. He is supposed to see the progress being made in terms of repairing the reef but what he discovered turned out to be worse.

The bleached corals found months ago are mostly dead. A new degree of destruction is also emerging. For instance, the weakened white corals are being pried on by the Crown of Thorns starfishes.