The new iPad Mini is nowhere in the line-up of products that were launched by Apple in September. Although the release of the item has long been overdue, anticipation continues to soar.

Based on earlier leaks, the Mini 5 will possess a less glamorous design. It is likely that a conservative frame will come out. However, expectations are low that broad enhancements will be made.

If there is one rumor that sticks, it will be that the Apple's new item will be even thinner at around 5mm. Considering this specification, it is likely that the 7000-series aluminum chassis will be installed. Due to the durability of this type of case, units like the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are better protected from bending.

Observers believe that the Mini 5 will have a smart connector. Like the iPad Pro brand, the feature allows the device to get its own smart keyboard.

Judging from the new Apple product's thin design, not all enthusiasts and users are keen on adding a 3D touch capability due to pressure sensitivity issues. However, a smaller battery may replace the power cells used in the previous models.

It is also likely that a slight megapixel upgrade on the rear 8MP and the front 1.2MP cameras will be instituted.

In terms of storage, Apple may streamline the Mini 5's capacity like the recent brands. This means that options will focus on the 32, 64 and 128GB models.

Due to the revolutionary approach of the tech giant, the headphone port will probably be ditched. In this case, a wireless earphone like the iPhone 7's AirPods will be provided. Aside from the micro SD groove, fast charging capability and Apple Pay feature will be added.

Like the rest of Apple's recently launched flagships, it is probable that the same 3GB RAM will be there. In addition, the operating system that runs will be the iOS 10. Moreover, the company intends to rebrand the Mini 5 as the iPad Pro Mini.