Famous Billionaire James Packer ends his engagement with his fiancée Mariah Carey. This makes another big breaking news of the celebrity life hit the headlines of the newspapers and magazines.

Several issues are coming to surface as essential reasons of this incident. Sources have discovered that the key reason behind this split is the recent reality show of the famous singer Mariah Carey," Mariah's World".  

Actually, Mariah wanted to depict their personal lives through this show, which was not supported by James Packer.

It was less than a year that the couple completed their engagement. But the recent news of the end of their engagement has surprised everyone.

The tension between them increased when Mariah did not attend the birthday party of Packer's sister. Also, it is mentioned that Packer's mother was very disappointed with this incident.

According to the sources of TMZ, Mariah Carey's close rendezvous with another dancer in the Vegas show fuelled the option to call off their relation. Family circle of the famous Billionaire did not accept it as a normal fact. Some sources have even revealed that the increasing habit of Mariah's spending is another cause of this breakup.

Whatever the reason, the true fact is the popular Billionaire wants some space and time for his own and so, he is ready to say goodbye to Mariah Carey.

James Packers's friend circle said that though he was hesitant to end their enegagement. But now, he is not any more ready to carry this relationship.

According to the media reports online, Mariah threw the Halloween party in El Lay last weekend and the party was attended by her former husband, Nick Cannon. Even they together with their two children spent some time. 

So, the official engagement of Mariah Carey and James Packer last January doesn't breathe last, and the abrupt end of this relationship creates a new chapter of gossip among the fans.