Cartoon Network has been producing shows that always catch the interests of the majority, either the young ones or the young at heart. With the intriguing storylines, its oddity can capture the attention of many television fanatics.

Recently, Steven Universe series in Cartoon Network has been hitting high ratings due to the significant number of captured audiences. The show recently had its comeback on the Cartoon Network for Season 3. It made its followers more excited to wait for the next journey of the main characters such as Steven Universe, Peridot and the rest of the Gems.

According to Parent Herald, Rebecca Sugar mentioned that Steven Universe was extended until season 5. On the other hand, she had discussed some details regarding the storyline of Steven Universe for the next episodes and seasons as well.

Sugar mentioned that although Steven Universe was renewed until Season 5, there is a great potential that the final installment of the said show might be the series finale. She discussed a possible endgame for Steven Universe.

"I have big plans for that season!" said Sugar. "Endgame or not I'm shooting for the moon, I'm going to write us into a serious corner!" creator exclaimed/

Meanwhile, Lamar Abrams, the writer of the said high rating show that they will always be willing to extend Steven Universe as long as Sugar would allow them to. He also said that there are many things to reveal as it's still a long way to go until the final season.

Moreover, Rebecca Sugar and Lamar Abrams have given some hint to the public as they have mentioned that they need to see more of the Gem hierarchy in the story. Sugar explained that the society could relate to the viewers through the characters on Earth.

Lastly, the creator revealed that the high rating show-Steven Universe is willing to explore other platforms. 

Stay updated for more updates and news on your favorite show until season 5 Steven Universe!