"Vikings" Season 5 has been officially renewed by the History Channel. It is speculated that the season will be aired in 2017 and, the second part of Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Nov. 30.

The creative team, led by Micheal Hirst is coming up with loads of head turning and unexpected twist in the plot of "Vikings" Season 5. In the extended chapter of "Vikings," Ragnar (played by Travis Fimmel) will be seen with the burden of a kingdom. He will continue his search for the answer as to who he is and what they wants to be and a lot more. Apart from Ragnar's self-searching mind, dwelling psychological episodes, a spine chilling scenes of encountering a fearsome bear has been included in the second part of Season 4, reports Premier Date.

"Vikings" Season 5 will also see the addition of a new character, Astrid claims NewsEveryday. Moreover, it is rumored that Astrid will have a very important role in Lagertha's life. As per reports, Josefin Asplund will portray the character of Astrid.

It is worth mentioning here that Astrid already has already been introduced in "Vikings" during "The Silk Roads: A New History to the World." 

The cliffhanger episode of the previous episode had Ragnar losing the battle with Rollo and was also unable to make it to Paris. Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) was wounded too.

In the premier of "Vikings" Season 4, Part 2, Ragnar will return to his kingdom Kattegat, after losing the battle. He will try to gain the trust and affection of his sons, whom he abandoned several years ago. Notable, the second part will also have a fight between Lagertha and Queen Aslaug, for the throne. However, Lagertha has a higher chance of winning the battle, but Queen Aslaug will claim to be the rightful owner of the throne as she is the former wife of Ragnar.

It must be mentioned here that "Vikings" stands out among viewers because of its historical accuracy and without any superfluous and superficial whimsy. The creator of the series has beautifully sketched the historical facts and battles.