The divorce news between Scottie and Larsa Pippen, has shocked the fans and followers of both stars. Last week the former NBA star Scottie Pippen demanded a divorce from his wife Larsa, a star of the defunct "Real Housewives of Miami."

Accordingly, the explicit relationship of Larsa and a rapper has fueled the divorce move. Reports described it as the "cozy relationship" with rapper Future.

It is not clear when the problem actually started. According to the court orders received from Radar Online, it is revealed that Scottie has already declared the end of the relationship with his wife. Even the grounds of separation were also prepared earlier.

The record has pointed out that Scottie reportedly claimed full custody as well as the responsibility of his four children. Reports also stated that he would file a petition for their relocation along with his own. It is reported that Scottie is planning to move away from Miami to Chicago.

The former NBA star also stated that if it happens that his request for relocation is not granted, he would like to request the judge to give him with the right to become the guardian of his children for the majority of the time.

It is also discovered that Scottie has already requested to amend the pre-nup so that he can avoid paying his divorced wife for 19 years.

However, in spite of all these problems, former teammate Michael Jordan has made a positive comment. The former captain of the Chicago Bulls and one of the most favorite persons of Scottie from his playing days suggested that Scottie should not end his long-time relationship with his wife at this moment. He even uttered that such a dismal end is not expected from Scottie.

Probably, Michael Jordan is the only man at this moment, who has provided suggestion to bring back the normal condition between Scottie and his wife. Though a nasty divorce is definitely on the cards, but there are some hints from Larsa's representative that a discussion has already started between them.

Some hints have stated that the two even talk, and words like 'I miss you, let's talk' is going on between them.