HTC 10 was a great flagship smartphone, but it failed to deliver the expectation of the tech manage market.

However, talks surfaced that its successor, HTC 11, might put up a good fight against Apple, Sony, LG and Samsung smartphones.

As HTC 10 has been out for six months, it Taiwanese manufacturer accordingly planned to release its new upgrade version HTC 11 early next year.

The following are the leaked features of HTC 11:

It will have a 5.5 Quad HD display. It might host a dual edge display much like Samsung Galaxy Edge. Plus, it could be accompanied by boom speakers for a refined multimedia experience.

HTC 11 will have water and dust resistant metallic body, coupled with VR headset features.

Considered as one of the elites in dual camera set-up, this revamped HTC 11 could host dual camera integrated with DSLR level effects and optical zoom.

With the inception of HTC 11, Android version 7.0 named as Nougat will also be out of its box. Along with this 7.0 android features, HTC 11 could also have the newest version of the HTC Sense UI incorporating better features.

A hardware which is not less than 8GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage and also supportive of microSD is feasible in this new HTC 11.