Another royal baby will soon be making an entry into the royal household, joining big brother Prince George and sister Princess Charlotte. While the royal duo, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Katherine and William are thrilled to have baby number three on the way, it appears as if their aunt is not so stoked about it.

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with their third child and while the news should be celebrated in family, new reports are pouring in, which maintain that Pippa Middleton is not so happy about it.

Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that Pippa Middleton was forced to delay her marriage with James Mathew after it has been recounted that her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William are now expecting third baby.

The only problem is that the supposed pregnancy is actually coming in the way of Pippa Middleton's marriage and the latter fears that the birth of the royal baby might take away all the limelight she is supposed to receive as a bride.

But according to Life and Style magazine, Kate Middleton is not pregnant with a third baby. But despite that, Pippa fears that the news might glean the limelight.

A source claims, "Pippa is worried that Kate's pregnancy will overshadow the nuptials. Pippa desperately wants the focus to be on her rather than her sister's baby bum."

Another insider in the Kensington palace establishes that Queen Elizabeth has forced the Royal couple to have another baby. It is speculated that Kate Middleton and Prince William are forced to conceive another child in order to divert the attention from Brexit fiasco.

Despite the ongoing drama, the news regarding her pregnancy isn't entirely true. Celeb Dirty Laundry highlights that Queen Elizabeth has supposedly kept Prince William and Kate Middleton so busy that the Royal couple has scarcely any time to spend time with each other.

If the news regarding Kate Middleton's pregnancy is deemed true, then, for starters, the relationship of Kate and Pippa Middleton might experience a hard blow.

Pippa Middleton is demanding undivided attention and if she fails to receive it, Kate Middleton can actually destroy her associated with Pippa Middleton, as a sister.