Rumors state new specs and hardware that will change people's views of the iPhone as it is now. There could be a change in the display as well as the charging mode. Even with the recent release of Apple's iPhone 7 just last month, its successor, iPhone 8, is already gaining some attention and popularity among consumers.

The popularity is backed by proof of several rumors going around that are mixed and opposing. The grounds for these rumors are what people expect to see on the iPhone 8. These speculations make people confused as to which is true. Out of all these buzz, two look to be real, even if these have no proof yet.

One of the two is about the screen of iPhone 8, it is rumored to have an OLED display that is spectacular because it uses less power and offers better contrasts in color. This feature will also provide better contrast ratio, improved angles for viewing, and better speed in response time than an LCD panel.

In a report by Mac Rumors, Apple might invest in AU Optronics for AMOLED where Samsung will supply the company with several millions of AMOLED panels by 2017, which could be boosted by LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display panels.

The type of panels Apple will be using for the next iPhone are still unknown. Therefore, the size of the display is not yet revealed. Even so, John Gruber, an Apple blogger, said he heard of an implementation of an edge-to-edge display that Apple plans on. This could point to the screen consuming the entire face of the smartphone.

The second rumor is about the iPhone 8 charger. Some say that Apple might be working to create a long-range wireless technology for the iPhone 8 which consumers would agree to be one of the best specs a smartphone could have.

Apple's next release of an iPhone could be better than what is expected. There are rumors that the iPhone 8 will be released in September next year as usual. But it could also happen in June during iPhone's 10th anniversary.