This is a first since 1975. Saudi Arabia is changing the course of its laws involving members of the royal family.

Charged with murder after shooting a young man during a desert camp brawl in 2012, Prince Turki Bin Saud Al-Kabeer has been executed. No less than King Salman has confirmed the decree of beheading his distant cousin.

The execution approach may have surprised everyone, considering that criminal activities done by Saudi royals remain under wraps and censorship is immediately pursued. In this case, however, the state media has been widely vocal.

In a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, the death of the Prince signifies the government's pledge to impose the rules of Allah against anybody who commits murderous acts everywhere.

According to the Saudi media, Prince Turki was arrested in December 2012 following the killing of Abdul Karim Mohaimeed. Reports reveal that the beheaded royal got engaged in an argument.

After proceeding to his car, he returned with a gun in hand and fired at Mohaimeed. Another man has also been wounded during the shooting.

The Arab News has reported that Prince Turki informed the police after finding out that the victim was a friend. He later pleaded guilty to the crime.

The location of the incident is a camp where young Saudis usually go when they want to get away from their homes.

In an unconfirmed video shown on Iranian television, a group of Saudi garb-clad men are observed to be moving around before a dark clothed-figure started firing shots.

A few weeks prior to the beheading, King Salman declares that he and the rest of the royal family are not exempted from prosecution in civil courts.

The last time a royal has been executed happened around 40 years ago when Prince Faisal Bin Musaid assassinated his Uncle King Faisal inside a palace. The murderous Prince has been later beheaded in Riyadh with a crowd in attendance.

According to Akbaar 24 News, several hundred thousand pounds in reparation have been offered to the father of the victim who refused the compensation. Prince Turki's own father is among those who watched the execution.

The young royal becomes the 134th individual to be beheaded in the Kingdom for 2016.