A Pennsylvania woman who gave herself the nickname "Jihad Jane" is set to be sentenced on Monday in Philadelphia for helping terrorists overseas, the Associated Press reported.

Colleen LaRose, 50, of Pennsburg, faces decades in prison if the federal judge decides she posed a legitimate threat to the United States.

LaRose admitted to plotting to kill a Swedish artist who drew a cartoon that offended Muslims. Though prosecutors are asking for decades-long imprisonment, the judge could still sentence her to life.

In 2009, she returned to the U.S. from Ireland to surrender to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She was known as "Jihad Jane" in videos she posted to YouTube.

Also due to be sentenced this week for terror plots are Jamie Paulin-Ramirez of Colorado, a 31-year-old mother who left her family after converting to Islam, and Mohammad Hassan Khalid of Maryland, who was arrested before turning 18.

Federal prosecutors are asking for at least a decade in prison, arguing that the youngest person ever to be charged with terrorism "linked up with truly dangerous people."

Khalid, who was on a full scholarship at Johns Hopkins University, admitted to conspiring with LaRose. Since he eventually agreed to help the FBI with a number of investigations, his defense attorney is asking for a lighter sentence, citing his youth and mental health issues as instrumental factors in his previous decisions.

"It was like a video game to him," said Khalid's attorney Jeffrey M. Lindy.