According to recent reports, Katie Holmes is banned from dating another man in public because of a certain divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

In her rush to get a quick divorce from Cruise, Holmes agreed to a clause that prevented her from dating another man in public for five years after the divorce and embarrassing Cruise in any way. She was also prohibited from talking about him or his affiliation to Scientology. A source close to the couple revealed that while Holmes is allowed to date anyone she likes, she is not allowed to do so publically and never allow another man near their daughter, Suri Cruise.

Since Katie was desperate to get out of her bad marriage to Cruise, she agreed to the prohibitive terms and accepted a settlement of $4.8 million in child support as well as $5 million for herself. The reports claim that if Holmes were to ever declare her relationship with Foxx publically, she will be in violation of the divorce clause and will have to return the $5 million back.

In the same report ran by the publication, they were most recently seen together in Barbara Streisand concert, that only added fuel to their relationship rumor fire. In fact, the media outlet also noted that as Foxx shared the stage with the iconic singer and sang along with her, Holmes cheered her man the whole time he was performing. The two were also seen together in his dressing room.

However, Holmes reportedly dropped the guard at said event because of tight security and was certain that no videos or photos would ever be leaked. The rumored couple was also certain that they didn't break any rules as the security prohibited any photos of the event, revealed an insider source.

The rumor about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx began back in 2013 when they were spotted together at a charity event in The Hamptons, New York. Over the years, this rumored couple has been linked number of times but they have always denied their romantic association, even though a photograph of the two, holding hands, emerged.