Disney will not pursue its interest in acquiring Twitter. The reason for such development leans more on the reputation of the social media company.

It cannot be denied that the Jack Dorsey-led organization has a deeply-tarnished image. The truth is, Twitter itself is a breeding ground for online misuse and persecution.

According to Bloomberg, the unchecked bullying approach of the troubled social network will have a negative impact on Disney's wholesome image.

In line with this, Jim Cramer of CNBC reports that cloud computing group Salesforce has been frustrated by Twitter's trolling problem. CEO Marc Benioff sees the tweeting organization's value reduced due to hatred which will be a big concern especially with lots of followers getting turned off in the process.

Former Chief Officer Dick Costolo has admitted back in 2015 through a memo that Twitter has been helpless in correcting platform harassments for years. The abusive approach has cost the social media company as evidenced by Dorsey's statement during the earnings call last July that the organization needs to do better in addressing such troubles.

Twitter has addressed the online abuses by dealing with the technical side of the business. However, complaints continue to mount since the company's response to content harassment has been slow.

With the problem in the open, Twitter's financial potential is due to take a plunge following the withdrawal of Salesforce, Disney and Google to acquire the social media group.

Considering that it is one of the respected and profitable organizations in the world, Disney is also concerned about Twitter's size and financial prospects.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News last August, former Engineering Manager Leslie Miley points out that Dorsey's group failed to act on promising solutions that would have checked Twitter's dwindling growth.

For years, Twitter executives have been passive about the online abuse since profits have been pouring in. With the company spiraling down, the unchecked platform harassments are now dragging the organization out.

Even though the social media network is keen in solving the problem, its devoted users are making matters hard and complicated. Considering that Twitter is stuck with the right to free expression for its fans in addressing abusive rants which easily downgrades the reputation of the company.