A new PC does not come bare and completely clear of any form of software. Given the countless promotional ploys online, temporary or trial versions of programs will always be there lurking within a computer's storage bank.

To rid systems of junkware and useless files, Microsoft Corporation introduces the Refresh Windows tool. Instead of uninstalling applications, this medium saves time and thoroughly cleans the system.

The utilization of the Refresh program essentially vanquishes everything that is not built into Windows 10. In a sense, a crisp replacement will be set-up. Not only will the tool clear the PC. It will also make vital pieces available such as the Microsoft Office. Settings will return to default options. Users will also be given a choice to purge information or retain records.

Using the Refresh Windows tool is a breeze. After accessing the Settings, users should go to the Update and Security category. Clicking Recovery will lead to more recovery selections. Here, a statement presents the fresh installation of Windows. The link will pave way to a domain where downloading the program is one push away.

Prior to the process of installing, the user will need to decide on what to do with the present apps. Inquiries will also surface wherein the system will seek answers about setting selections. Approval on what should happen to all data is necessary. Either the information will be trashed or kept is entirely up to the users. Here, a 'keep personal files only' option is given. After choosing start, downloading Windows 10 will begin.

When the process is completed, the program will lead users to the lock screen display where logging in will commence. Users will go through an out-of-box experience (OOBE) to complete the operating system configuration. After choosing on-screen directions, personalizing the settings comes next. Along the way, activating the virtual assistant Cortana can also be done.

Immediately noticeable is the cleared state of the PC with no more junk and useless files in the background. At this point, it is important to note that the best time to run the Refresh Windows tool is after buying the computer since the amount of unwanted ware is still low.