North Korea's latest test of a powerful missile was denounced by the UN Security Council. This after North Korea test-fired a medium-range Musudan missile which is capable of hitting US bases as far away as Guam.

Although the exercise was a failure, it still represented a breach of UN resolutions. In a unanimous statement backed by China, the main ally of North Korea, the council condemned the test and agreed to monitor the situation and take further significant measures.

The Musudan has a range between 2,500 and 4,000 kilometers which could reach South Korea and Japan, and on the upper range, Guam. The missile launched in June flew 400 kilometers into the Sea of Japan and this was celebrated by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. 

The missile tests failed many times but it is improving. It could enter operational service sometime next year. The latest Musudan test came with the United States and China imposing new punishments to stop Kim Jong Un.

The ongoing negotiations on the new sanctions focus on closing loopholes and zeroing in on North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile technology industry.

The missile capability of North Korea grows very fast and it can become a real danger for all the countries in the area. This country has always been targeting Japan and South Korea.

North Korea has been hit by five sets of UN sanctions since it first tested a nuclear device, but the it has survived and keeps testing more missiles.

The council adopted the toughest sanctions after North Korea did its 4th test and they try to punish that country in the trade of minerals and all that is related with bank accounts and financial activities.

Nuclear and ballistic missile technology industry will be limited by the new punishments or at least, they will try to be reduced to the lowest level. 

Since the resolution was adopted in March, North Korea has carried out more than 20 missile launches.