The house where Adolf Hitler was born will destroyed and a new construction will replace it to avoid it from becoming a place of worship. This historic house has been the subject of legal fights between owner Gerlinde Pommer and the government. Ms Pommer has refused to sell the three-storey building to the Austrian government which began this year formal legal procedures to dispossess her of the house.

First, the plan has to be formalized in the legislation and then, voted in parliament. Besides, the Jewish community from Vienna also favours its demolition. There´s also an anti-Nazi research center backed by the government that shares the same idea.

For the last five years the house has been empty and previously it was used as a centre for people with disabilities.

There are legal actions on the way to demolish the building but some people want it to become a refugee centre while others want it to be a museum dedicated to Austria's liberation from Nazism.

Some cultural organisations opposed the demolition of the building because it is part of the historic city centre, thus,this is under heritage protection.

The man who took control of Germany was born here on 20 April 1889. This house was transformed into a shrine to Hitler during the rule of Nazism but when the Nazis began to lose control in 1944, the house was closed. Despite the efforts of successive governments to stop it drawing neo-Nazis sympathisers to Braunau am Inn, it still has popularity among people, even from foreigners.

Josef Kogler told the BBC that people from european countries like Italy or France come to the house although it can be difficult to believe. The fact is that although this housed is hated by many it´s also very popular among people from different nationalities.

A man who came from France and seemed to be a history teacher came to the place and wanted to see where the house is located.