NBA will start the regular season next week. But there are many things that happened during the preseason games including injury of star players of some team and surprising trade talks.

Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans and Philadelphia 76ers were perplexed by the injuries of their star players, according to report by USA Today. 

Utah's all-round players Gordon Hayward injured his left hand during a practice session on Oct. 7. After examinations, the doctors said Hayward suffered a fracture in fourth finger and has to rest for six weeks. This will make things difficult for the Jazz, as many people considered Hayward as one the best players of Utah.

In Philadelphia, Sixers rookie Ben Simmons had to undergo surgery after he broke his right foot after landed on his teammate foot during a scrimmage, as reported by ESPN. He will be sidelined for three months. The worse part is, he has never even played one single game in the NBA league.

The latest injury was New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis, who sprained his ankle last week during an exhibition game in China. Fortunately, he will only miss two weeks of the game, including the first regular season game against Denver Nuggets on Oct. 26.

In trade news, the surprising trade between Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks just occurred recently. Bucks traded their point guard Michael Carter-Williams for a less impressive player Tony Snell. Chicago Tribune first reported the trade on Oct. 15.

Los Angeles Lakers also make adjustment in their squad, as they have waived three players - Travis Wear, Julian Jacobs and Zach Auguste from their roster. Currently Lakers have 17 players on the roster, and head coach Luke Walton must cut two more players ahead the regular season. Lakers squad which jam-packed with young players also have to overcome their inconsistencies to survive the 82-game regular season that will start next week.