Katy Perry showed some love for children in need by having a speech at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Once Upon a Time gala. Orlando Bloom's girlfriend told guests of the event that kids are vulnerable and people have a responsibility to take care of them.  

What's more, she connected on the stage with a young boy she's hoping to support. When a kid with a hearing aid gave her the flowers, she made " I love you," sign and he returned to her.

"I see the amazing thing of birth and children and the vulnerability and we just have to take care of them and how, how big of an impression we have," she shared when talking about her sister's kids. "We have such a responsibility!"

"Children to me are becoming a big focus. I don't even have mine but I see it in my sister's kids and just how much nurturing and love they need..." she added.

Orlando Bloom and "Roar" singer are in a relationship a little less than eight months so far. After numerous questions about the famous couples' engagement and the actor shared that he is hoping to get married to his girlfriend very soon, Katy seems to be more ready to get married and have kids.

Since Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are pretty head-over-heels for each other, their fans can except wedding bell for these two soon, and even a baby might finally be on the horizon.

Orlando would love to settle down with his popular girlfriend and have kids with her. He also said that he hasn't been so serious about a woman since Miranda.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old singer knows a few important things when we are talking about delivering a baby. Katy helped deliver her sister's second baby in September and even manage to come into the studio afterward.

Katy Perry previously said that she wouldn't like to make a huge commitment like marriage one more time. unless she is sure of doing the right thing.  But think that it's completely safe to say she's ready for marriage and having kids her own now, perhaps with hot boyfie Orlando Bloom.