A Muslim woman in India's central Madhya Pradesh state has alleged that the police forced her to do unnatural sex with her own son and made them drink each other's urine during custody.

The shocking incident happened in Sehore district. As per reports,  police detained the woman's family including four minor children and brutally beat them and made all of them drink each other's urine in a bid to force them to confess to the murder of their missing daughter-in-law.

According to News18 reports, the 40-year-old victim, a resident of Singerchauri, said that her daughter-in-law went missing from home. Her brother filed a missing and a habeas corpus complaint in Siddiqganj police station.

Following the complaint, the victim's family was detained by police for 15 days and were allegedly tortured while in custody and were forced to wrongful confessions.

The woman's lawyer, Virendra Parmar, said his client's son confessed to the murder due to atrocities done on him and his family by the police.

However, the missing daughter-in-law was found later by her family in state capital Bhopal.

Now the woman had filed a complaint with Chief Minister Office and State Human Rights Commission but no action has been taken so far. Meanwhile, the woman has also alleged that police is threatening her of dire consequences if she proceeds with her complaint.

The Muslim minority community that comprises of 14 percent of India's population are prone to hate crimes in many parts of the country. The community alleges that they face widespread discrimination. India has a dark history of religious violence, especially between the Hindu majority and Muslims, who account for more than 150 million people, making India the world's third most populous Muslim nation.