Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been reported to be in the brink of ending their relationship after years of marriage due to some fidelity issues on JT's side. Now, since the two are said to be heading for a divorce, it has been reported also that JT and Jessica are preparing for the child custody battle.

As reported earlier, the couple will be filing for $225 million divorce because of frequent spats between them. Further, Jessica is already tired of Justin's endless flings with other women and the latest of which is his rumored flirting with his Troll co-star, Anna Kendrick.

Even if the divorce has not been announced yet, there are reports saying that Jessica and Justin are preparing for child custody battle plus a great sum of money at stake.

JT and Jessica are blessed with a baby whom they named Sila and it has been speculated that apart from preparing for the divorce, the two are said to be fixing matters in preparation for the child custody battle.

There were also reports that claimed Justin's desire to gain his independence that's why he wants to have his freedom back by letting go of Jessica.

Some reports also suggested that Jessica Biel was the one who will initiate for the divorce due to the reason that Justin is pressuring her to have another baby but Jessica loves to go back acting and filming. She can't just simply take the idea of putting her career on hold for a long time.

Health Aim also reported that the two are already unhappy on their marriage and the repeated disagreement could be one proof for this.

It seems like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are already decided in putting an end to their four years of marriage. The first hint that the couple is undergoing a hard time in their marriage life is when they were spotted ignoring each other during a fundraising activity.