A "miracle" baby with a rare condition was born to an Indian mother on Oct. 3, Monday. The baby had two heads and it succumbed to death 32 hours after his parents forcefully took him home after the birth.

The baby was born with two fully formed heads attached to a single body. The medical staff that helped with the birth of the baby was left shocked by its appearance.

The boy weighed 5lbs 7oz at the time of the birth, which took place in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Collee, Ajmer, in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. As soon as the news about the miracle baby with rare conditions spread in the hospital, people flocked to catch a glimpse, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the doctors at the hospital, the baby was completely healthy at the time of birth. It was the first pregnancy for 20-year-old mother, and the couple decided not to visit a doctor for regular check up during pregnancy.

The mother carried the baby normally till the end of term and had undergone a surgery for the delivery. However, the baby started showing breathing problem soon after birth.

The doctors faced a dilemma whether to operate on the infant or not. It was a much more complex case of conjoined twins and thus, it became nearly impossible for the doctors to operate on them.

The rare baby head two heads, but all other organs were single. In addition, the baby had only two hands and two legs and as a result, it was impossible for the doctors to separate the baby that only appeared like twins.

The parents of the baby quickly took a discharge from the hospital, despite him facing severe problems in breathing. The baby collapsed to death just 32 hours after birth. The Express reports that the baby suffered from Dicephalic Parapagus, a rare condition in which there are two heads on the same body.