A "Game of Thrones" themed video has recently been released by the Syrian government in an attempt to lure tourists to visit west Aleppo.

It made use of an acoustic version of the multi-awarded television program's theme music.

The video, entitled "Aleppo...Will of Life" was uploaded in the Facebook page of the Syrian Tourism Ministry and became available for viewing last Friday.

Exactly the opposite of the war-stricken eastern part of the city, the promotional material features drone shots of Aleppo with its attractions such as greeneries, parks, pools and amazing architecture.

CNN described the video as totally different from the rebel-held portion of the city where 250,000 residents live with air strikes on a daily basis and "blocks of neighborhoods have been destroyed."

The Daily Mirror reported that amid the hundreds of bombs dropped and thousands of people killed, the "Games of Thrones" themed video, anybody who will view it would have the impression that Aleppo is a beautiful place to be in.

The aerial shots included Aleppo University and Tawheed Mosque, the Daily Mirror added.

This is not the first promotional video released under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's term.  A month ago, scenes taken from the Mediterranean resort city, Tartus, were also released to the public in line with the government's campaign to boost the country's tourism industry. Syria was labelled "Always Beautiful ."

On the early part of 2016, there was another clip released with women clad in bikinis along the seaside, still, to promote the country.

A Christian festival held in Maaloula was likewise featured in a separate video. This mountainous town is one of the few spots in the world where Jesus Christ's language, Aramaic, is still being spoken.

With the popularity of the hit HBO television program, "Game of Thrones", the Syrian government may be expecting that they will be successful with their attempt to lure a lot of tourists in going to Aleppo by using musical theme of the fantasy series.