The game is an action-oriented-video game developed by indie studio Hello Games. It was released in August.

The game contains four vital pillars, each with greater importance, which included Exploration, Survival, Combat and Trading.

This game allows all the players to take the role of a terrestrial explorer. A traveler begins at a remote planet with a spacecraft crashing in front of the player. When the player moves towards the other solar system, he can acquire help from three important stones (nada, polo, atlas). The player can avail a multi-tool kit and a jetpack.

With the help of the equipment, the player can scan mines and collect essential resources to attack. The player can also repair and refuel the crashed aircraft so he can travel to any other planet or space station.

The atmosphere of the planets is dangerous, filled with toxic gases, harmful storms.

It is truly an interesting game. If the player wants to upgrade his spacecraft, then he must collect all the essential resources or blueprints.

At the end of the game, the player can reach the galaxy center in search for another atlas-interface. No Man's Sky is a beautiful game with some nice features.