If you are searching for any recent first person shooter game, then “Destiny: Rise of Iron” must be in the top of your list.

This game was released last Sep. 20. It was an expansion of the action game Destiny, which was released two years ago.

Rise of Iron is developed by the US-based video game developer Bungie while it is published by the famous Activision group.

Presently you can play this game only on Play Station 4 and Xbox One. Here you will find various new campaigns and missions, new PvP maps, PvE locations, a completely new social space, player gear weaponry and also a new raid.
This game has all the things which a gamer wants during the play.

“Rise of Iron” features some new Player versus Environment locations. Here you will find a new place on the earth known as Plaguelands, where there are two playable patrol zones on Earth.

One patrol mode is for the usual Cosmodrome and the other is for Plaguelands. The graphics of the original Cosmodrome are much more realistic as you can see the changes in weather. You can also access more spaces than the original version.

The new social space of this game is called the Iron temple of Felwinter Peak and new raid is known as the Wrath of the Machine. In some specific missions and campaigns, you will also get limited use of flaming known as the Iron Battle Axe. You will be able to rack your progress record in the Rise of the Iron Record Book.

So if you want to enjoy the unique game play, then you should obviously buy this game. Those who pre-ordered this game will receive a striking rocket launcher known as Iron Gjallarhorn from the game developer.