In the world of sports, drugs or illegal drugs are spreading nowadays. Every now and then, athletes are being tested or undergone physical examination specifically on the use of illegal drugs before being cleared to play. Anti-doping authorities are strict regarding their guidelines on drug use. However, this time, an athlete was arrested not taking the illegal drugs but was caught keeping it.

According to ESPN, former Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested for cocaine possession in Texas. He was arrested early Monday but was able to produce a $5,000 bond for his release. The report also said that the police pulled over Hardy for a violation and upon checking his car, they found cocaine and some marijuana leftovers.

The embattled linebacker is still unsigned after the 2015 NFL season because of his involvement in a domestic violence case against his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder in North Carolina. However, the charges against him were dismissed because Holder could not be found to testify.

In a separate report by The Denver Post, both the cocaine and marijuana were found in a bag and according to Hardy, it was only given to him by a person he met at a party. The report also says that aside from the bag, the police also found a substance in his wallet and upon examination it is tested as cocaine. Hardy says he didn't know anything about the cocaine and claimed that he passed around his wallet to pay for everyone in the party.

It looks like the Dallas Cowboys made a good decision on not signing him up. Earlier reports say that Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones previously wanted to sign Hardy to a long-term contract. However, Jones reversed it during the NFL draft, saying they will not pursue Hardy anymore.