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League of Legends Hacked: Several Gaming Sites Shut Down In Hacker Attack

By Tyler McCarthy | Dec 31, 2013 10:34 AM EST

League of Legends
League of Legends servers shut down by hacker group calling itself "DERP." (Photo : RiotGames)

A hacker group called DERP was intermittently taking down multiple gaming sites and servers throughout the day on Monday. Riot Games' League of Legends servers took a huge hit from the attack as the NA/EU/OCE servers have been down for a good portion of the day as well as the League of Legends website and forums. The group also managed to take down the Dota 2 servers for a while along with the Club Penguin site,, World of Tanks and

Since the initial attack, League of Legends servers have started to recover from the widespread issues caused by the hacker group. Dota 2 servers along with, and Club Penguin are all up and running as well.

The group went ahead with the attack by sending a few warning Tweets about League of Legends on its official page.

"Something special planned for League of Legends :D" read the Tweets.

"BOMBS AWAY! DESTINATION: Eastern EU League of Legends login server! (ON SCHEDULE THIS TIME)"

The group began to get a little creative as it took on in the U.S. It reached out to a popular Twitch streamer called PhantomL0rd. He was playing a game of Dota 2. They reached out to him to tell him that if he lost his current game, they would take down Dota 2. Unfortunately for the game's players, he did not win his game.

"PhantomLord no dota for you. #Offline."

They later convinced the player to play Club Penguin instead of Dota. That ended up being a mistake. PhantomL0rd, who streamed most of the series of events, asked DERP what their main objectives were. "For lulz" they responded. They also mentioned their dismay of money hungry companies. At the time of this article being published, IGN reports, PhantomL0rd had to step away from his computer and he believed police officers were coming to his home.

For a more complete list of the tweets that DERP was using to terrorize the gaming community, you can find them HERE via IGN. So far none of the developers affected by the attack have commented on the matter but we'll be sure to update you as more information rolls in. It appears that attack is still going on as the group continues to post threats to its Twitter Account.

Did you experience any of the issues from the DERP attacks? Comment and share your story with us below.

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