As the fans wait for the big September update, no official word about its release has been announced yet. With just a few more days left for September to end, the players have no clue as to what all will be included in the upcoming game update. It is not even guaranteed whether the Sneak Peek of the new update will go live anytime soon or not. Perhaps this would be a good time for the players to readjust their expectations from the rumored update. In fact, rather than expecting the big update to launch this month, it will be fair to expect it in October instead.

As the players get impatient about the next update, Supercell quelled some of its fans' thirst by announcing some new features that will be a part of game's upgrade. Firstly, the fans have already speculated and can expect the new Clan Challenge Mode that will be added to the game soon. Supercell has already confirmed its addition to the mobile game via its forum page. The fans will be able to enjoy a fine mix of new challenges and Clan Wars in the new Clan Challenge Mode. The forum post also added that the gamers will be able to send a "friendly war request" to another clan ask them to accept the challenge. As the two parties agree, the preparation day will start.

However, it is important to note that this new challenge mode announced by the developer will not replace traditional clan war. The new Clan Challenge Mode will help players support offline or online events and promote other community initiatives.

The previous update came in August and since then, the developer announced that the team is working on the game's next big update that will be released soon.